#Build 7: 3 Questions Every Product Team Needs to Ask w/ Sandhya Hegde

Maybe you're in product dev, maybe you’re in marketing. Either way, you have customers, and your goal is to provide value for them, drive revenue, and surpass goals. Chances are, you’ve seen someone miss it. Maybe you’ve missed it.

Sandhya’s path went from IIT Bombay to Stanford GSB, to founding her own startup to her current role as VP of Marketing at Amplitude.

She’s never really been one to miss it.

She joined us on our latest #Build, Seeking Wisdom podcast to pull knowledge from every end of the business spectrum and relate it to Product & Marketing.

She knows customers. She knows potential customers. She knows what they want, how they want it delivered, and how they consume products.

If you miss what she has to say, you’re missing everything.

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